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OK, this is getting ridiculous

Receiving no response from Nimrod, Esperance mentally shrugs her shoulders. She has done her duty; if the human chooses not to respond...there is nothing she can do about it. Well, nothing she wants to do about it. She could, for example, beat a response out of him, but that is not her way and, besides, she does not think the bartender would like a scene. Then again, she could read his mind but that could hurt Nimrod if he resists. And she is very tired. She lowers her heavy eyelids for a moment, hoping that the weariness would go away by itself. It is weary business trying to straighten the world, especially when all of your conditioning is gone after years of magical sleep. But meditation does not seem to help. Abruptly, she blinks and opens her eyes wide. She remembers that, in this world, she must eat every day in order to not loose energy. She goes out of the tavern and takes out a green bundle out of her saddle bag. The bundle consists of leaves wrapped around some lembas. Breaking of a piece, she chews contemplatively in the setting sun, nostalgically smiling as she remembers the fuss Elrond always made when she ate traveler's bread when other food was available. For her, food has always been a mere source of strength and energy for her fight, she never found any pleasure in eating for eating's sake. But, for Elrond, eating meant an aesthetical pleasure and he just could not understand why anyone would subject themselves to eating dry bread when food to fit anyone's fancy was available.
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