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teh outsider.

suddenly a clap and a roar and a sudden sucking of air could be heard from outside if one were close enough to be listening. Like many before and many since the tavern to which many come to will be and was the destination of a being who was not of this reality. like many of these, it had a form. and a name.

Ten seconds later a being walked through the door. to some obervers it was 4 feet tall and to others it could have been 7 feet tall. The perseption of this being would change each time you look at it, if you wanted to. to most it stayed somewhere between 5 and 6.
when it walked through the door, it did not think to open the door and instead just seemed to forget that the door existed as a physcial barer and passed through.
It would not be able to explain how it had done so if you asked for it would not really know. its just something it can do.

on closer inspection of it, your eyes might start to watter as your mind has diffculty focusing on seems to remain a blur for a few seconds...lets say ten...depends on who you are...and then it comes into sharp focus. it resembles something that you find fimiliar and comfurting. as if its form as you percieve it was made just to keep you from dislikeing it.

you may or may not wonder what this thing is as despite that what you may see looks fimiliar you might realize that it is at the same not what you percieve it to be.

It walks to the bar and drops the exact amount needed to buy a drink without asking how much it was and then asks for whatever the barkeep thinks would be best...and no matter what that is, the amout of coin seems to have been that, as if the creature were doing things in revearse or as if time and space were new to it and it was just getting the hang of it and got the past mixed up with the future...

it midair, and sticks a pod...or finger in the glass...through the side of the glass...and drains it...horizontaly...
through its finger. it then smiles and stops moving. for now its form seems mostly colorless...not black nor white but just a ruff form in space that kinda looks like a man but cant be seen yet. it perhaps is waiting to be interacted with or just doesnt know what to do other than sit and smile. the only part that can be clearly seen is its face. to all observers it would look kinda like a face but flat and its skin is definied by a black line and its eyes and lips are nothing more than thick black lines. its skin is a neon green.
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