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Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010
4:57 pm
Not responding to what he had been asked as and sitting unmoving for an immense amount of time the silver man sits motionless at the bar. He then notices the warforged walk in. He moves to the table with the war forged taking apart his mechanical minion. The warforged says"Greetings stranger. You look familiar but i cannot remember what you are. What are you?"

Then the silver man says"What i am cannot be said in words. Think of a quasi god from the far realm. "

The warforged replys to that saying"I have heard of that place. Your well formed for something from there. I am relic. A warforged. This is bob. Im going to repair his arm."
4:54 pm
a new age
as the sun sets the door of the tavern opens. A man of metal and stone enters followed by a 4ft tall construct. Yes he is a warforged...created in a war ages ago in another world. He takes a moment to view the current inhabitants then walks to the bar.

He asks the bartender for his strongest and cheapest spirit. Then he moves to an empty table and pulls out a cloth pouch. Then he picks up his mechanical companion takes out a screwdriver and starts dissembling it.
Saturday, April 7th, 2007
8:50 pm
"You come in search of knowledge?" delicate eyebrows rise and then fall as Esperance contemplates the figure before her. "That is a noble cause indeed. But, if one might inquire, to what purpose? For knowledge without direction is dangerous; just as it enriches the mind, it opens the owner to an attack of pride. I would not wish to share knowledge with a creature which could be swayed to the dark side."
Monday, February 12th, 2007
4:10 am
"My form is true but that i have trouble focusing it. I am usused to being under the effect of this linearness that your world seems to have." With a decieded amount of effort which might be lost to only the most unobeservant the form of the stranger focus's into one destint form, a man like creature of 6 foot in hight and shinny reflective skin. its facial features are crudely formed and relativly expressionless."this is the closest i can get to assuming my true form on this plain of existance." Its voice has changed to a bell like sound. I come from no place in search of knowlege of reality."
Sunday, September 10th, 2006
11:18 am
Outside, Esperance continues her solitary musings without noticing the passage of the stranger. Her meal finished, she shakes of the shards of memory together with the crumbs on her cloak. Suddenly, she becomes aware of the stranger's presence and his intentions at the tavern. Narrowing her eyes slightly, she walks back into the tavern, her cloak swaying slightly with each measured step. Perceiving the ambiguous shape parked at the tavern's counter, the eyes relax ever so slightly but a green light appears in them. Creatures that could adopt to the liking of all their beholders never earned Esperance's fancy. In her mind, their ever-changing nature was a deception in its own right.

"You wish to learn about the creatures of this world?" she asks quietly, "perhaps you should start by revealing your own true nature."
Monday, May 15th, 2006
5:32 am
a time passed that was an eternity but truely was only an hours time. to the being of recent arival it truely was alot more time than it seemed to others. In that time its body became more permantly realized, but somewhat poorly concieved. it appears humanoid, but seems to be like something impersonating a human rather than a true human.
it was not so much as being ugly as being not human and obviously so.
it decieded to stand started to speak.
It said in a clear and understandable voice that it wished to get to know the inhabidents of this world and to understand them better.
it then waited for a reply.

Current Mood: amused
Monday, April 24th, 2006
5:57 am
teh outsider.
suddenly a clap and a roar and a sudden sucking of air could be heard from outside if one were close enough to be listening. Like many before and many since the tavern to which many come to will be and was the destination of a being who was not of this reality. like many of these, it had a form. and a name.

Ten seconds later a being walked through the door. to some obervers it was 4 feet tall and to others it could have been 7 feet tall. The perseption of this being would change each time you look at it, if you wanted to. to most it stayed somewhere between 5 and 6.
when it walked through the door, it did not think to open the door and instead just seemed to forget that the door existed as a physcial barer and passed through.
It would not be able to explain how it had done so if you asked for it would not really know. its just something it can do.

on closer inspection of it, your eyes might start to watter as your mind has diffculty focusing on it...it seems to remain a blur for a few seconds...lets say ten...depends on who you are...and then it comes into sharp focus. it resembles something that you find fimiliar and comfurting. as if its form as you percieve it was made just to keep you from dislikeing it.

you may or may not wonder what this thing is as despite that what you may see looks fimiliar you might realize that it is at the same not what you percieve it to be.

It walks to the bar and drops the exact amount needed to buy a drink without asking how much it was and then asks for whatever the barkeep thinks would be best...and no matter what that is, the amout of coin seems to have been that, as if the creature were doing things in revearse or as if time and space were new to it and it was just getting the hang of it and got the past mixed up with the future...

it sits..in midair, and sticks a pod...or finger in the glass...through the side of the glass...and drains it...horizontaly...
through its finger. it then smiles and stops moving. for now its form seems mostly colorless...not black nor white but just a ruff form in space that kinda looks like a man but cant be seen yet. it perhaps is waiting to be interacted with or just doesnt know what to do other than sit and smile. the only part that can be clearly seen is its face. to all observers it would look kinda like a face but flat and its skin is definied by a black line and its eyes and lips are nothing more than thick black lines. its skin is a neon green.

Current Mood: amused
Friday, October 22nd, 2004
12:24 pm
OK, this is getting ridiculous
Receiving no response from Nimrod, Esperance mentally shrugs her shoulders. She has done her duty; if the human chooses not to respond...there is nothing she can do about it. Well, nothing she wants to do about it. She could, for example, beat a response out of him, but that is not her way and, besides, she does not think the bartender would like a scene. Then again, she could read his mind but that could hurt Nimrod if he resists. And she is tired...so very tired. She lowers her heavy eyelids for a moment, hoping that the weariness would go away by itself. It is weary business trying to straighten the world, especially when all of your conditioning is gone after years of magical sleep. But meditation does not seem to help. Abruptly, she blinks and opens her eyes wide. She remembers that, in this world, she must eat every day in order to not loose energy. She goes out of the tavern and takes out a green bundle out of her saddle bag. The bundle consists of leaves wrapped around some lembas. Breaking of a piece, she chews contemplatively in the setting sun, nostalgically smiling as she remembers the fuss Elrond always made when she ate traveler's bread when other food was available. For her, food has always been a mere source of strength and energy for her fight, she never found any pleasure in eating for eating's sake. But, for Elrond, eating meant an aesthetical pleasure and he just could not understand why anyone would subject themselves to eating dry bread when food to fit anyone's fancy was available.

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Friday, September 17th, 2004
8:21 pm
Except for a flicker of metallic green in her eyes, Esperance takes no notice of the squire. After all, why should she? If Nimrod can control his servants, it is enough to convince him of the truth and if not...if not, then it will not do trying to convince them one by one. Even she does not have enough patience for that.

She tenses slightly as she feels Alfred direct his attention to her. Yes, that one is listening but will he take her advice to heart? She was too tired to seek for the answer. She turns her attention to Nimrod, smiling slightly, yes, that's a good boy, you should listen to your elders. "What advice can I give you? If your opponent is as truely evil as you describe him, your cause will triumph...with time. But stiring up war between two nations? Is that not a rather radical way of freeing humans from domination? Yes, it is better to die than to live as slaves, but it is true for only the brave..The average human would rather be a slave than die for he is afraid of death and what may come there after.

"I cannot give you any specific advice on how to wage your war for I know not the details of your situation. But if you really listen to what your heart tells you, you cannot go far astray."
Wednesday, September 15th, 2004
11:24 pm
Nimrod's Squire turns angrily to Esperance, but Nimrod raises a hand to quiet him. Turning to face Nimrod, the his squire addresses him instead. "Freedom from evil? It is freedom we seek, whether the forces enslaving us call themselves good or evil, light or dark. If they enslave humanity, they are our enemies, and what does the word 'evil' mean if not our enemies?"

Nimrod considers for a moment. Then, turning to Esperance, he says, "What advice do you have to offer, wanderer? I will listen to it, whatever it may be."

The Squire snorts in disgust, but then lapses into silence. Fred, after giving him a sharp look, lounges back in his chair and turns an attentive eye to Esperance.
Thursday, September 9th, 2004
5:30 pm
Listening to Nimrod's squire, Esperance shakes her head vehemently, "No, I do not tell you to go against your conscience for no one could expect that. You can denounce allegiance to any power in this world, you can fight for the freedom of the human race from evil, you can complete your quest as you set it before yourself. But you cannot denounce your creator.

"You call me a wanderer from another world. That is true but I never travel without cause. What I tell you is true for all worlds, not just mine. If you want to succeed, you must listen to my advice for I have fought evil for more years than this world has existed."
3:40 pm
At the close of Esperance's pronunciation, Nimrod sits for a time in silence, his face drawn as though in deep thought. After a short time has passed, Fred leans forward and speaks.

"Are any of us truly free? Today, I came here at the behest of the man I serve, not by my own will. Yet it was my joy to serve him, because I believe in his cause and what he is trying to accomplish. Even you, my lord, have subordinated yourself to a cause which, though certainly noble, is as much a bond on your allegiance as that of any other power beyond humanity. Indeed, everything we do is subject to the rules and laws of this world, of what is possible and what is not, all of which were set in place by its creator.

Our order believes that we, by virtue of being human, owe allegiance to the race of man, and must fight for the cause of our lost and enslaved kindred. Yet our very humanity, from whence this allegiance arises, was determined by chance upon our birth."

At this Nimrod's squire likewise leans forward to speak.

"My lord and liege, hear me. We are human by chance certainly, but we treat with other humans as equals. The elf must follow her own conscience, of course, but we must stand firm for what we believe. That is the right of every creature, to follow its own conscience. Our consciences, for ages, have told us that we must fight for humanity, independent of all other forces. We can do no more than present the truth to those who would help us and let them make their decision. We cannot afford to modify our stance, or even to entertain thoughts of doing so, when confronted by words from another world. We do not know from whence this wanderer comes, but we do know our world and its demands. Let us stand by them."
Sunday, September 5th, 2004
4:23 pm
"You would be quite willing to treat with Eru?! No one treats
with him, his will is done without question. Yes, he granted you power for his own reasons, and, while you follow his intended path, he allows you to retain them and use them for 'your own' reasons. But, just as easily as he granted power and even life to you, he can take everything away. Do not invoke his wrath by renouncing him for, while he is content to let things run their own course, he is not willing to tolerate false pride. Many have dared to imagine themselves his equal and none survive for they are cursed by the forces of light and hunted until annihilation." Esp\'erance pauses as a tinge of pain passes through her left arm. "You have asked for my advice but until you accept the fact that you fate rests in Eru's hands, all my words will seem to lead you astray for my counsel is in light, not darkness."
Friday, August 27th, 2004
11:31 pm
Nimrod sighs expansively. "Your shock is understandable, but I am a man who deals with reality. I would not have wanted to lie to you or take the edge off our story. When dealing with these matters...well, one is best knowing what one is getting into.

As to this Eru of whom you speak...I do not know who he is, and perhaps you ought to tell me of him, and of you, and of what brings you here. I understand from my companions that you come here at the command of, or at least with the blessing of, this Eru.

As to my power...well, I do not know who granted it to me, but I do know that it is now mine. I did not ask to come into this world or to be who I am...that was the dictates of another. Now that I am here...well, I am mine, and I owe allegiance to no one. If Eru would like to deal with me as a free man, then I would be quite willing to treat with him. But I will not consider him my master just because he granted me my powers or very existence, because his whim is not my concern but his own. He has granted them to me for his own reasons, and I retain them and use them for my own reasons.

As to the men in your story...well, there are similar legends in the history of our world...and I believe them, and have seen much in my travels. Yet...the memory...seems dim somehow....

No matter. I do not rebel against anyone, nor do I foreswear any vow I have taken. I have pledged allegiance to no creature, that I now break. I merely do not wish to be the pawn of another, used for another's ends."
Saturday, August 21st, 2004
6:43 pm
Despite herself, Esperance shudders profoundly, pulling back away from the table, to which she had conspiratorially drawn. Not allowing her voice to rise for the sake of secrecy, she lets her shock be clearly heard, "Whatever power you have as a human was given to you by Eru; you cannot resign allegiance to any power outside your own without resigning Iluvatar. In my world, there was once a nation of men who, like you, wanted no power that they could not get themselves. In their blinded folly, they imagined themselves equal to the Valar and disregarded their orders. All, except the faithful of their race, perished in the attempt to reach the Lords of the West." Esperances pauses for a moment, collecting herself and touching the eight-pointed star on her breast. "Eru knows that even some elves have dared to disregard the will of the Valar but they all payed heavily for it." She turns to face Nimrod directly, "If you forswear allegiance to even Eru, I cannot help. But tell me more about yourself; perhaps I misunderstand you."

Once more resigned to his dark corner, Glorfindel tries to decide for himself if he is more shocked by Nimrod's revelations or by the lack of respect in the simple address 'elf' that his queen was receiving, his hand once again stroking the hilt of his sword. The 'elf', he finally decides, his forming in a familiar, comfortable grip around the sword. By the strained look on Estel's face, he knew exactly how much Nimrod reminded her of the last kings of Numenor, the last of the direct seed of Elros. When that disaster happened, Glorfindel was already 'resting', but he knew how much pain the demise of that once great kingdom had caused Estel. She loved Elrond and Elros just as much as if they really were her children, and that love had naturally transferred to all their offspring, though Eru knows it was not always reciprocated.
Monday, August 16th, 2004
12:21 am
Nimrod sits a little while, quietly returning Esperance's gaze for a moment, and then looking away in a polite manner. In response to her words of greeting he only nods.

Inclinding his head towards his squire, he speaks in a scratchy voice, as though it were being forcibly ripped from his chest. "Give us a little privacy."

The Squire faces Nimrod and replies, "My lord, the elf has asked that we cast no spells in this tavern. She says there are protections cast about it, and that it would give itself away regardless."

Nimrod looks carefully around the room. Grunting, he speaks to no one in particular, "Well, perhaps it is safe enough right now. But elf ears are sharper than human, and no one will approach unheard."

Concluding this with a slight nod of finality, he waves his squire back to his seat, which he had not in fact vacated, and turns back to Esperance.

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Friday, August 6th, 2004
11:38 am
Great, an unstable magic user, exactly what we need Glorfindel thinks as the vibrations caused by Nimrod's squire reach him. But Esperance is unruffled, just nodding slowly as if she knew this all along. "Very well, we can meet inside the tavern. However, I am opposed to the creation of any spell at this time as even the most crafty spells still radiate a magical aura. It would be better to just keep our voices down and our eyes open." With her words ringing in the open air, she enters the tavern once again, closely, but stealthily, followed by Glorfindel. She approaches the table where Fred and Nimrod sit, pulls up a chair and utters "Mae govannen" in greeting to Nimrod. She sits closely watching Nimrod, unafraid to let him know that she is examining him, that this is when she decides for herself, once and for all, if she will help him.
Wednesday, August 4th, 2004
4:42 pm
Nimrod's Squire nods to himself, looking troubled. He pauses for a moment, as though thinking of some half-forgotten intention. Then, looking distressed, he addresses Esperance once more:

"My master says that he will meet in no place other than this tavern. In fact, it seems he used the word which means 'to exist,' that he can 'exist' in no other place. I do not know what he means by this, but I am unsettled. His thoughts are uncollected, and I'm afraid his mind is not well."

"Maybe what you say about the trees of this world is true. However, I would caution you that this is not your world, and these trees are not your trees. I do not know everything there is to know about this tavern, though I think that I can weave a protective enchantment here, but I do know that residences of man are more than stone and wood, and that nature, though beautiful, is its own and belongs to no man. We mortals must seek protection from her stormings as best we can, in our refuges or stone and wood, and though they be brittle it is the best we can forge. We men are frail, in body and mind, and we build what we need. You elves grow what you need, and you are strong, so perhaps you can understand our weakness and stoop to our mortality, understanding that nature is not our domain, as it is yours, but that this [slapping the tavern's door frame] is our domain."
Tuesday, August 3rd, 2004
8:26 pm
A wry look of amusement passes across Esperance’s face. “Uh-ha, so there are actually people here who would expect to hear three men and an elf chatting amiably?” She stands up to face the man, her voice acquiring a slight tinge of annoyance, “Well, let me remind you that there have been three elves in total of my kind in this world through all the ages. Any conversation involving me is bound to draw attention, especially if the memory of men has not faded. For, in the past, it was widely known that I do not idly come to this world. Any, with whom I seek counsel, would be seen as my. . . shall we say, accomplices?” She pauses to calm herself and, when she resumes, her voice is once again as nonchalant as ever.

“Do not speak to me of the ears of trees for it was my kin that taught them to speak. Yes, there are spies amongst trees as well, but they are easy to tell, for their core is corrupted with evil - that is, if your master is good. Trees do not move, and, once we pick a place amongst good trees, we can be sure of our safety. Besides, there is a protection spell on the tavern - you would have to be really good to place any spell inside.”
Monday, August 2nd, 2004
9:30 pm
Nimrod's squire smiles, showing teeth so white that one would think he had never eaten. "Have no fears on that account. That is precisely why I am here." Lowering his voice to a whisper, and throwing a glance over his shoulder as though to protect against the ears of passersby (ironically, he glances in the opposite direction from Glorfindel), he continues: "I am skilled at forging magic, and my speciality is barriers of all sorts. I shall weave around us a shield of mental reflection. Anyone who casts his attention towards us will have his mind reflected back to him. Which is to say, he will hear whatever it is he expects to hear, which in most cases will be three men and an elf chatting amiably in a tavern."

"Of course, this is not a fail-safe measure, for if anyone were to approach our table within a foot or so, he or she would be able to hear our true words. So if any approach, we must assume a more leisurely dialogue. Or if someone were to throw us a suspicious eye, he would hear suspicious words, though certainly not our own."

"Of course, if you prefer to meet in the woods we may, though I fear they do not compare to the woods of your homeland. Wherever that may be, I hear that elves tend wonderous trees. Nevertheless, the woods may not be as safe as you believe, for the trees have ears. My master thinks it best to meet in this tavern, and he knows much of the enemy's means and methods."
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